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How to play?
It's so easy! Click the Play icon above, pick a game and get started.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! All our games are absolutely FREE to play solo or with friends forever!
Do I have to register?
No, you can play all games without registration, but you can, Sign up now to build a friends list and for one click play. Go for it!
Where can I learn game rules?
We made it simple for you! Click here and choose a game. We even made videos to watch and share!
What is GameXN GO?
It's our FREE app for Windows that allows you to play with Skype friends, play GO games when you don't have an Internet connection, and much more. Download it now!
Still have questions?
Our website is here to help.
Benefits of registering
Feature Unregistered users Registered users Sign up now GameXN GO app for Windows Download now
Play single player games for free
Play multiplayer games in lobby
Play multiplayer games with invitation codes
Play with friends on phones, tablets or any computer with Flash
Create a friend list for one click play
Play multiplayer games with registered friends
Save your scores
Remember your most recent and favorite games
Chat with friends
Access all games from one place
Save games and restart where you stopped
Play offline
Play with Skype friends
Stay connected with latest news
Get notifications about missed invitations
Give hints to friends with in-game pointer
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