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4 Elements
What is this game about?
You have 4 books, with several trials based on the natural elements. Wind, Earth, Water and Fire. As you progress through its challenges, the path to revealing many hidden mythical warriors and beasts unfolds, until the final challenge to restore the Kingdom.
How do I control the game?
When you are shown the screen with gems, you may interact with them by holding the left mouse button and drawing a path, starting with a gem and ending at least in a chain of 3, as long as these are the same color, adjacent, vertically and horizontally. Diagonals are not considered adjacent in this game. Furthermore, as you progress, new abilities are unlocked, which you may use on gems or environmental hazards. Simply click on those abilities once, then on the spot where you would like to have that effect.
How can I win this game?
The way to win this game is to pay close attention to the instructions from the fairy. She will tell you all you need to know to play efficiently. As for the objective of the game, it is to clear a path from the squares that have the green stream of energy into the garden icon at the end of that level. You may consult a map during the game to understand how big the path is.
Gameplay tips:
1) Chains can be as large as there are pieces available of the same color. Furthermore, as the chains become bigger, the end of the chain results in a explosion after you surpass chains of 4. Try going for the most explosive, screen-clearing chains!
2) Although the game shows tips on possible plays that you can make, it will not suggest chains larger than 4. Be creative and look at the map closely, the long winding path of a chain is made up of many turns and twists, so do not think about straight lines!
3) The special abilities will prove useful in levels which are designed to make use of them in specific parts of the map. Keep charging them, but avoid using them for trivial plays, as you may need to use them on the go in a particularly hard situation, and in this game, there is a time limit, so try not to get stuck in the same section of the map for too long!
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In the main menu of 4 Elements™, you will find the option to "Download". This will give you access to the Premium version of the game which includes the complete adventure, with a storyline, lots of cards to unveil and no interruptions in gameplay. For a very nice price, you will own the game forever and can play it anytime you want! You can also download the trial version. This new adventure is totally worth it, find out more today!
4 Elements