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Billiard Paradise
What is this game about?
A more straightforward and simple version of billiards, in this game you are only required to pocket more white balls than your opponent. However, because you can change the shape of table and add bounce borders for increased difficulty, this is a game that focuses mostly on trick shots.
How do I control the game?
Use the mouse cursor to aim the pool stick, then hold the left mouse button to control the strength of the shot by sliding the mouse left or right, then finally release the left mouse button to shoot.
How do I win?
You simply shoot the red ball against the white balls until you have pocketed the majority of them. If you pocket the red ball during one of your moves, however, it will reset it back to its position before you took the shoot. If you have pocketed any white balls in this process, these will be restored as well.
Gameplay tips:
1) Watch possible angles and survey the table carefully by using the mouse cursor. Some shots that may not appear possible might in fact be achieved by precision;
2) Be wary of the strength at which you shoot. Near a pocket, a strong shot at an angle may ruin the play, while a weak shot in a wide angle play may be insufficient;
3) Because there are no restrictions to which balls you may pocket, you should consider all options on the board and use your opponent’s unfinished moves against him, by pocketing the balls he was aiming for.
Billiard Paradise