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What is this game about?
The objective of the game is to fill the stained glass image with randomly places of glass until all spaces are filled.
How do I control the game?
Use the mouse cursor to highlight one available piece for selection and hold the left mouse button to pick it up. Once you determine where it will go, simply click the piece over its corresponding empty space. If it's not in its correct position, keep left-clicking on it to make it rotate until it fulfills the required position. Then it will highlight the space where it's going to go and it will drop on that last click.
How do I win?
You will need to complete the stained glass image with the correct pieces as it will take you from level to level. However, the pieces are placed randomly and some may not be adequate. Gauge this carefully, however, as any pieces that you cannot use must be placed in the trash icon on the right, and this will deduct points from your score.
Gameplay tips:
1) Many shapes will be composed of several segments, while others are just a segment. Try to clear the larger ones first;
2) You cannot get more pieces until you clear most of the ones you have; try to make sure that in the beginning, most of the pieces are immediately placed, as the pool will then start accumulating useless pieces that you should avoid discarding. The pool will add a new piece every time each of the available ones are placed;
3) Pace yourself with each puzzle. It is best that you take your time to attain a higher score, rather than finishing quickly.