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Ignite Assembly Line
What is this game about?
The objective is to keep producing lighters, while avoiding breaking any of them any of them. As you become a more efficient production unit, you can then open other parts of the assembly line to add more components to the lighters.
How do I control the game?
Use the mouse cursor to select one of the segments of the shafts on each side of the assembly line whenever a product is coming that way. The worker will instantly climb down or up and pick it up to send it over the next conveyor belt.
How do I win?
Try not to waste materials. You can only fail to catch 3 items, and after that the game ends. As you succeed, you can keep pushing yourself to attain the perfect and efficient assembly line, it will become harder - other stages of the assembly line are opened up, increasing the challenge to your reflexes and attention span.
Gameplay tips:
1) Do not focus on just the one item that you are supposed to catch. As the workers realize you are progressing nicely, more materials start entering the assembly line, forcing you to move your workers faster to interact with them. Look at the factory as a whole, because further in the game, there may be at least 3 or more items scrolling along the assembly lines;
2) You can shut off the music in order to concentrate if things get too hectic. Just click on the portable stereo on the upper right corner of the factory;
3) Although workers virtually teleport along the lateral shafts of the factory, the lower they go, the harder it is to get them back up if a new item enters the assembly lines. Try to keep them in the middle sections of the shaft whenever items are just scrolling or being worked on by the workers in the middle.
Ignite Assembly Line