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What is this game about?
You have probably seen people at airports and on trains filling out empty table on booklet pages with numbers. Sudoku is the new popular logic-based number placing single-player game.
How do I control the game?
You play by clicking the empty cells and typing in a number. Put a cursor in an empty cell and enter a number on the keyboard. If there is the same number in this row, your cell will become red that means a mistake. If there is the same number in this column or in the group (square) it will also be marked as red.
How do I win?
The goal is simple, manage to place fill all empty cells with numbers and you will win.
Gameplay tips:
1) Consider that fulfilling one square field immediately will end up invalidating the rest, try not focus on just one. Instead distribute the missing numbers one at a time throughout the entirety of the board;
2) Sudoku games are very hard depending on the density of the board. Go for smaller boards first to get used to the gameplay.