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What is this game about?
Chess is one of the most popular board games played by two players, who alternate moves. Made up of classes, namely pawns, rooks, knights, towers, a king and a queen, players will be required to face an opposing faction using different moves and strategies.
How do I control the game?
Use the mouse cursor to highlight one available piece for selection and hold the left mouse button to pick it up. Once you determine where it will go, simply release the piece over its corresponding empty space. To make things easier, specific piece moves will always highlight all possible squares where they can land, so you may drop it over the space you have chosen.
How do I win?
You will need to corner or capture the King piece. This is called checkmate.
Gameplay tips:
1) Please consult various tutorials online about chess games to understand the various strategies you can employ, this is a seemingly simple game but it is still regarded as the most demanding and complex strategy games in existence. If you are serious about being good at this game, you might need to practice and research a lot;
2) One of the highest principles of chess is anticipating moves. Expert players can anticipate more than 3 consecutive moves after the one they are currently playing. This takes some practice and perseverance. We advise that you take some time to practice this particular tip regularly;
3) Remember that each play style differs greatly from opponent to opponent. Some players choose to protect the queen while others choose to sacrifice it for a potential check, some players will start by using Knights, and others will slowly develop their pawn frontlines as decoys. There is no correct way, rather a constant adaptation to the other player’s moves. Do not go in with a pre-determined play style, watch your opponent carefully instead.