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Mines War
What is this game about?
Your mission is to uncover as many mines inside the minefield as possible before your opponent does. As you reveal each pit, the numbers shown will reveal how many mines are buried within a 360° radius. Try to find them quickly!
How do I control the game?
Each player is given one single click per turn to uncover one of the pits. If a mine blows up, you are given another click.
How do I find the mines?
Around each displayed number, there should be at least one mine. These can be found in all pits around the number, including diagonals. For example, if the number is 2, around that number you will uncover 2 mines.
Gameplay tips:
1) As you uncover an adjacent pit with a number already close to the one you have, it is a clue to eliminate some of the trial and error you have to go through as you open pits indiscriminately. Instead, remember that adjacent numbers are very likely to share at least 1 mine, so take all adjacent numbers under consideration as you plan your next move;
2) Some pits may collapse large parts of the map at once, with absolutely no mines in them. This means that you can start working around them, as the possibility of finding another pit that collapses many others is unlikely and you can prevent suffering any further handicaps to your score;
3) Pay attention to the remaining number of covered mines, take it into account, especially if you are losing, because the moment your opponent gains over 50% of the available mines, he will automatically win.
Mines War