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What is this game about?
The objective of the game is to find the hidden clues as numbers.
How do I control the game?
Use the mouse cursor to move the looking glass and highlight parts of the setting. Whenever you find a number, click and it is subtracted from the pool of undiscovered numbers.
How do I win?
You will need to find all the numbers hidden in the setting, within the allotted time. Although you have to be quick, do not click on any empty or already discovered numbers, as it will subtract 10 seconds from the remaining time.
Gameplay tips:
1) Numbers do not necessary have to be represented as such. Some shapes resemble numbers as well;
2) Some numbers will either be shaded or too small to be seen with the naked eye. Use the looking glass by pressing the "+" square on the side;
3) Be on the lookout for objects with writings in them and check them out with the looking glass, there's bound to be a number or two in those objects.