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Parkalot Multiplayer
What is this game about?
If you are looking for a cooperative game to play with a friend, Parkalot is the perfect fit. As you select one specific -colored car, you can then start the game. The car’s passage will be obstructed by various other vehicles in the parking lot.
How do I control the game?
A single car is repositioned during one move. This is achieved by holding the left mouse button over one of the parked vehicles and sliding it. Each time the game is started the quantity of cars, their positions and the parking area is selected at random but there is always a solution. Each car can be moved several times including the one that must leave the parking area. Cars cannot turn they can only move straight or backwards. Vertical cars can only move up and down; while horizontal ones move only right and left.
How do I win?
To win the game, players must cooperate by taking turns to move cars on the parking lot so that the chosen color car is able to get out of the parking area.
Gameplay tips:
1) Keep in mind that it is not necessary that all cars are neatly parked as long as they allow your car to pass;
2) Move your car as well to accommodate the movements of other vehicles around it. This is paramount in most scenarios;
3) Practice a lot, the car sizes are fixed, as well as the parking lot and these are easy to memorize, so after a while you should be able to mentally visualize where the cars are supposed to go.
Parkalot Multiplayer