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What is this game about?
The objective of the game is to fill the quilted screen with its missing pieces, which are randomly laid out below.
How do I control the game?
Use the mouse cursor to highlight one available piece for selection and hold the left mouse button to pick it up. Once you determine where it will go, simply release the piece over its corresponding empty space.
How do I win?
You will need to complete the patchwork screen with all the available pieces as it will take you from level to level. You can time your progress in each level and challenge yourself to complete them quicker every time!
Gameplay tips:
1) Many shapes will appear similar, but usually have different patterns, sizes and orientation. Pick them up to see them in their full size before placing them;
2) Be wary that as every second that goes by, 100 points are deducted from your score, so you will have to be quick;
3) Many spaces will be made of 2 or more pieces, please keep this mind whenever you do not find a match.