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What is this game about?
Pig is a fun card game that can be played with up to 8 people and focuses on creating sequences and emptying your deck.
How do I control the game?
You play by clicking the cards to draw, or clicking one of the 4 middle decks, if you fulfill the requirements. To fill these decks, you must always start with a 6, finally ending in the face cards and aces. This way, you are able to get rid of the most "expensive" cards to your score, which will grant you a lower score.
How do I win?
The goal is to get rid of all the cards before other players do. Because you have to either place cards or draw from the circle, you must focus on fulfilling the sequences in the middle. The end score is influenced by how many cards you have;
Gameplay tips:
1) Practice a lot, this game is unpredictable, but you should get used to spot the higher value cards immediately and use them in the sequences as fast as possible;
2) Consider carefully your next time each time you draw a card, you shouldn’t draw leisurely as these cards will be hard to get rid of later on.