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Puzzoo Stax
What is this game about?
This game is a different take on Tic-Tac-Toe, as each will have to line up 4 leds either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. One difference is that players only have 10 seconds before making a decision, otherwise they forfeit their turn. The other difference is that these leds are lit up by stacking, so after 6 moves, the first row will vanish, as the game only truly ends when someone achieves a connected line of 4 leds.
How do I control the game?
Simply click on the arrows below each column to impulse the electric beam of your color and light up the desired led.
How do I win?
You will need to outsmart your opponent and manage to complete a full line of leds before he does.
Gameplay tips:
1) A good strategy in this type of game is to make decoy moves to fool your opponent into a direction. However, due to its limitation of clearing a top row after 6 moves, it is best to focus on thwarting any attempts to make a full line at the beginning and prepare for the finishing moves on the rows below the first;
2) You can turn the time limit off before starting the game, as long as both players agree to disable this feature;
3) When playing in a timed game, make your decision as soon as the other player lights up his next led, it is common to lose because of wasted time, which forces you to forfeit your next move.
Puzzoo Stax