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Rise of Atlantis
What is this game about?
The objective of this game is travel across the various nations of the Mediterranean Sea, looking for parts of artifacts that when brought together will ultimately reveal the secret of Atlantis. Explore, use your skill and rack up those combos, because when you are done, you will become the greatest explorer in history!
How do I control the game?
Use the left mouse button to click over the various items in the piles so that they line up 3 or more of the same in either a vertical or horizontal line and automatically discard them for points. The points will then be used by the wheel on the left to perform various skills, based on powers from the ancient Greek gods. Once it is fully charged, click on the wheel and watch it spin to generate a powerful spell that will clear even more items from the piles at once!
How can I win this game?
In order to become the greatest explorer, you will need to find the various fragments of the artifacts, that you will find in your travels between nations, as they are scattered along the map and buried under relatively useless items to your quest, however, you will tribute these to the Gods in exchange for powers that will help you become more efficient at clearing the board. Every time a fragment ends up on the bottom of the pile it is added to the puzzle on the left. You must complete every puzzle to own all artifacts and finally witness the Rise of Atlantis!
Gameplay tips:
1) Do not spare on the powers, as in a single play, you will get plenty of points to refill the circle a few times over. Use it whenever you can, to clear as much items as possible and get those fragments quickly.
2) Levels will not end until you get those fragments, so make sure that you focus on getting items out of the way as quickly as possible and try to perform combos on their way out, by looking at other pieces above them and see if, by removing a specific line, you can clear many other lines simultaneously, as this will boost the charging of the special powers wheel.
Get More!
In the main screen of Rise of Atlantis™, you will find the option to "Download". This will give you access to the Premium version of the game which includes the complete adventure, as you will not be able to witness the Rise of Atlantis in this quick demonstration. For a very nice price, you will own the game forever and can play it anytime you want! If you just want to take it for a spin, you will also have to option to download it for an hour to try it out before you decide on your purchase. Be adventurous, find out more today!
Rise of Atlantis