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Russian Checkers
What is this game about?
Bored with traditional and Chinese Checkers? Why not give the Russian Checkers a try? Russian Checkers is a board game played between two players, who alternate moves. Until one achieves dominance over the board with his pieces.
How is the game laid out?
Game is started with twelve pieces of each color on the field and ends with the victory of one of the players or with a draw when there is no place left to make moves. The board is square, with sixty-four smaller squares, arranged in an 8x8 grid. The smaller squares are alternately light and dark colored (beige and brown in this version), in the famous "checker-board" pattern. Each player has a dark square on his far left and a light square on his far right. The double-corner is the distinctive pair of dark squares in the near right corner.
How do I win?
The player who cannot move, because he has no pieces, or because all of his pieces are blocked, loses the game. Players can also resign or agree to draws.
Gameplay tips:
1) Always pay attention to your opponents moves, adapt your play style to that of your opponent, exploiting it. If you play too similarly however, you may both end up in a draw;
2) Eliminating a piece will advance your pieces further than just one move, use that to your advantage, but remember the opponent may also be in a postion to do the same to you after that move, so use it sparingly.
Russian Checkers