Come join us – get GameXN GO client for Windows
to have the best gaming experience!
Does it cost anything to play the GameXN games?
NO, all games in our collection are free to play.
Why can't I start a game with a Skype contact on Mac or iPad/iPhone?
These games only work on Windows PCs at this time.
Any precautions I need to take to ensure GO runs properly in my Skype?
Make sure you have enough disk space to keep your computer fast enough to run all kinds of games; Update Skype to the very latest version; Make sure your firewall is allowing Skype and all related processes to connect to the internet; For online games, make sure you have the latest version of Flash.
Also please make sure that GameXN GO is allowed to access Skype.
The other player closed the game. What's happened?
If the other player is on a wireless connection, they might not have a stable internet access. In that case, you will have to restart the game. A Skype voice call will also stop for the same reason. Also, if they are busy or have to work they might have just closed the game, sorry!
Which games are multiplayer?
Next to each game in GameXN GO you will see a gray "person" icons. If it shows an additional two people icons and a "+", this means it will support multiplayer. Please choose "Play with others" to see the available multiplayer game selection.
What other ways do I have to invite players?
You may invite players by signing up for an account, for example. Once you are signed in, you can invite players from the GO Community Friends field. Another way to play online is using Skype. Make sure that GO is recognized as an authorized program by Skype. To do this, ensure that once you start GO, you are able to go into Skype and resolve the notification that warns you about GameXNGO.exe trying to access Skype.
The games are not loading when I try to run them, why?
You will need a steadily working internet connection to enjoy these games and play them online. Please make sure that your security software is not blocking GameXN GO on its firewall, and ensure that your connection is fully functional. If it’s dropping very often you might have trouble downloading the games.
My friend has a version of GameXN GO that does not have invitation codes or user registration. Can I still play with him?
We advise that both players have the current release. There are more options in the new available version and there might be some incompatibility issues when using any previous release. Please make sure you update regularly, as we have more features coming your way. Select the "Options" menu on the upper right corner and then choose "Check for Updates". This process is automatic and will install the new version if required. This way you get the best content, as soon as it comes out!
I am trying to start a multiplayer game but the other player isn't joining in?
It may take a certain time (10-60 seconds) to initiate a game and establish connection on the each player side. However, if for some reason there is a drop in the connection, we advise you to close that session and invite that player again.
The game has started but the other player is not responding?
The other player might be away or busy. If you are not on a call, try sending him a chat message. You can also check the "Commands" menu on the game window and use "Shake It!" to remind him it is his turn!
How do I use the invitation codes?
The code is generated by clicking on a game icon that supports multiplayer. As you choose the option to invite another person, simply check the box "Anyone" and then select "Anyone specific (send invitation code)". Once the code is created and shown to you on the screen, simply copy it (or use the "Copy to clipboard" option) and paste it over any chat program or transmit it verbally over a phone call to the friend you wish to play with.
If you are on the receiving end of this invitation, simply click on the upper left tab of your GameXN GO main window and press "Enter Invitation Code".
I seem to have no sound on the games or the graphics are stretched or strange, why?
It is very likely that Flash is not working correctly or in need of some updates. To make sure you have the very latest version, please open Internet Explorer and use this url: Then follow all presented steps and you should be ready to use GO without any issues.
Can I save my progress in any game?
All level-based games (and some multiplayer ones) have an automatic save feature that is activated regularly. When you close the game window and go back to the game later, you should be sent back to the level you were in. If you close the program forcefully or if your computer shuts down unexpectedly, the save may be lost.
If I am having trouble using GO and I can't find my answers here, what should I do?
Contact us here or you may do it any time using the "Report a Problem" function under the options menu of GO or on any game invitation screen. Please send your queries in English and detail your problem with as much information as you can, namely the steps you have taken and by transcribing any error messages you have obtained. Please remember that you will have to be our eyes on the problem, so please help us to help you.